Streamline your business with Kintoz POS
Suitable for your Franchise Kiosk, Cafe, Restaurant, Retail, Pharmacy, Service and any Product selling business.

Using Kintoz POS you can manage your business easily with money management, income-expense tracker, inventory management, business reports and analytics, our POS Software is fully equipped to scale up as your business grows. BIR Accredited Software is a plus
How to checkout a customer (Retail)

Accept every type of payment, quickly and easily.

  1. Scan the barcode of an item
  2. Add mode of payment
  3. Complete Sales
  4. Print Receipt
Restaurant Features

Restaurant Quick Tour

  1. Table Layout
  2. Sales Receipt Order
  3. Service Charge
  4. Discounts
  5. Food Items with Recipe
How to track your Business Performance

Access up-to-date sales and inventory reports.

  1. Sales Report Dashboard
  2. Reading Report
  3. Hourly Sales Report
  4. Cash Count Denomination
  5. Inventory Report
  6. Items Report
How to manage your Inventory System easily.

Access inventory with detailed information and quantity.

  1. Sales Report Dashboard
  2. Inventory List
  3. Item Profile
  4. Item Kits
  5. Billing Materials
  6. Package items, Group Items
  7. Add Ons (Additional Order Item)
  8. Add on Order with Pricing
  9. Movement History
  10. Item Logs
  11. Quantity on Hand
Other Available Feature in Kintoz POS.
  1. Cash In / Change Fund
  2. Customer Profile
  3. Sales History / A.R History
  4. Mall Accreditation Report
  5. Discount Setup
  6. Import Data
  7. Export Data
Sales Features
  1. Cash IN / Change Fund/ Petty Cash
  2. Cash Drop
  3. Sales Receiptad Cashiering
  4. Supports Weighting Scale
  5. Sales Quote
  6. AR/ Complimentary Order
  7. Search Receipt
  8. Customer Loans and Payable
  9. Cash, Credit Card, and other MOP available
  10. Item serial number entry on sales
  11. Void transaction with password (Item and Discount)
  12. Change SRP of item with password
  13. Senior citizen and PWD discount available
  14. Custom discounts (Amount / Percent)
  15. Barcode or Search item
  16. Print Order Slip
  17. Print Meal/ BAR items
  18. Resume/ Suspend Sales
  19. Customer Display
  20. Table / Room/ Booking Layout with timer (Resto only)
  21. Guest discount (Resto only)
  22. Service Charge (Resto only)
  23. Print Bill/ BAR/ Kitchen (Resto only)
  24. Merge/ Transfer Table (Resto only)
  25. Kitchen display orders (Resto only)
  26. Print Order Sticker (Milk Tea only)
Sales Report Features
  1. Items Sold Report can be filter by name, category and hour by date range
  2. X and Z Reading can be filter by accounts/ users and date range
  3. Mode of Payment Report Breakdown
  4. Void Logs
  5. Export Sales and item Sold
  6. Cancel Transaction
  7. Cost and Profit
  8. Cash Count Denomination per account per Cashier
  9. Hourly Report
  10. AR Report
  11. Mall Report Available (Print and Text)
  • Alliance
  • Megaworld Mall
  • Ayala Mall
  • SM Mall
  • MIAA Airport Terminal
  • Robinsons Mall
  • ETON Mall
  • Shangrila Mall
  • BIR Accredited Report
Inventory Features
  1. Inventory List
  2. Vatable/ NON-vatable items
  3. Item Barcode template sticker print
  4. Item Gondola template print
  5. Category List
  6. Category discount (Mark UP / DOWN)
  7. Add on Item Order
  8. Serial / Batch/ Lot Number supported
  9. Expiration Date list
  10. Item Kits/ Bill of Materials
  11. Wholesale/ Dealer/ A and B price supported
  12. Quantity defined automatic Wholesale price
  13. Movement history
  14. Item logs
  15. 2 Inventory location (Store and Warehouse)
  16. Stock balance
  17. Inventory Dashboard (Best sellers)
  18. Item Checker
  19. Purchase Order
  20. Supplier Information List
  21. Supplier Items (list/ Purchase/ Damage/ Return)
  22. Supplier Billing Report & Auto Purchase Order
  23. Stock Transfer
  24. Count Sheet (Physical vs POS qty)
  25. Inventory Report
Other Features
  1. Expense vs Sales Report
  2. Import and export CSV available
  3. Print Report via PDF
  4. HELP and Troubleshoot available in the system
  5. Alert and Notification
  6. Customer List
  7. Customer Loyalty/ Membership points
  8. Customer Wallet
  9. Customer transaction history
  10. GC List with print template
  11. Discount List (Per Item, Per Receipt)
  12. Upload Data SALES for online view report (Multi-Store supported)
  13. Backup Data local copy
  14. Job Order Module
  15. Job Order Print and Payment
  16. Supports 24/7 POS store operation
  17. Unlimited access on Back Office
  18. Access on any devices for Back Office via WIFI and LAN setup
  19. Supports Multiple Terminal*
  20. User List
  • Admin : All access
  • Supervisor : Sales & Inventory Report
  • Cashier : Sales Order
  • Inventory Clerk : All Inventory Access
  • Void : Voiding account auto swipe password (RFID/ MAGNETIC Card)
  • Discount : Discount Manager
  • Sales Assistant : Order Terminal front (Pharmacy/ Hardware only)