01 CSV File Format
How to format your CSV
01 Customer Information
Sales History, AR History, Load History and Sales Favorites of a customer
01 Customer Points
Loyalty Points
01 Getting Started with Kintoz POS
01 Global discount
Applicable for Percent and Amount where the total sales in the receipt will be discounted.
01 How to Access Kintoz POS via Browser
Terminal / Back Office/ Network Access
01 How To Add Gift Certificate
Gift Certificates are an option for mode of payment. To use a Gift Certificate, it must be registered into the system.
01 How to Create Users - Account
User accounts are the credentials used for logging into the system and determines user access types.
01 How to Import Multiple Suppliers
Adding multiple suppliers at the same can be done by importing .csv file in the Inventory.
01 How to Import Supplier Item
Adding multiple items of the supplier at the same time can be added by importing csv file.
01 How to Install Customer Display
The Customer Display is a secondary monitor for the convenience and assurance of customers.
01 How to Setup Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer can be adjusted to open before or after receipt print.
01 Import Data Guidelines
Do's and Don'ts for uploading .csv files.
01 Item Add Ons
add-on module is for additional item orders, optional item orders and upgrade item orders that is set on a specific item profile.
01 Item Discount
Applicable for Percentage and Amount where the selected item will be discounted.
01 Sales Assistant
Pharmacy, Hardware, Multiple Order Terminals in 1 Cashier only
01 Sales Order by Date Settings
24/7 operations, sales cutoff
01 Unit of measurement
02 Adding and Updating Supplier Information
Tag Items, Billing Report, Order History, Stock Balance
02 Category
The Inventory will group your items according to the category it was assigned to. In this system, the user has the option to categorize their items as they please.
lets the user search for an existing Item Kit in the Inventory list.
02 Food Item List
This where you can find all your menu list and you can add or edit the menu list.
02 Generate Inventory Report
Inventory Report produces a summary of adjusted quantities per item.
02 How to ADD and UPDATE Items in Inventory List (Products)
Add Item, Tag Supplier, Movement History, Item Logs, Item Kits, Add Barcode,Unit Cost, Selling Price
02 How to print barcode per item profile
Print Item Barcode
02 How to Update Quantity
Update Stocks/ Quantity
02 Inventory Dashboard
Products Qty Sold, Low Inventory, Consumption Item Report
02 Item Kits
Bill of Materials, Recipe, Package
02 Item Serial/ Lot Number
you can see all the items that have serial and expiration.
02 Purchase Order
Purchase goods to restock you inventory from your supplier.
02 Stock Transfer
Transfer items to and from WAREHOUSE / STORE
02 Supplier Billing Report / Consignee Billing
View items sold categorized via Supplier or Consignee with automatic purchase stocks
Complimentary Order, Representation Order, Loan, Installment
03 Billing Details - Calculations
Billing Details are shown on the lower left corner of the order list from the Sales Order module.
03 CASH COUNT EOD (End Of Day)
End of day transaction per cashier or per shift. (Cash Denomination)
Remove excess cash from the drawer.
Change fund in the drawer or starting cash.
03 Cashier Behaviour/Duties
Cashier duties before, during and after transaction
03 How to Automatic Print Using Google Chrome (Kiosk Mode)
Disable dialog box pop up print
03 How to Automatic Print Using Mozilla Firefox (Browser)
Disable dialog box pop up print
03 How to Cancel Receipt
Official Receipts can be cancelled through the Reports Module using an Admin or Supervisor account.
03 How to config printer margin size and paper size
printer margins and paper
03 How to Print Receipt Using Custom Margins
Margins can be customized through the Print Settings.
03 Merge or Transfer orders to a Table
Split Bill / Order
03 Print Bill Out
03 Print Order Label
Food Items/ Milk tea Label Cup
03 Print to KITCHEN/ BAR
How to transact on Sales
03 Sales Receipt Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcut Keys on Sales Receipt
03 Senior Citizen Discount Explained
PAX Discount
03 Senior Citizen/PWD Discount
Retail discount must be given as 5% and Restaurant and Kiosk must be given as 20%.
03 Table Layout
Table Layout is where you can take an order
03 Tender Payments
Add Payment in Sales Receipt
03 Using Gift Certificates on Sales
Gift Certificates must first be registered into the POS system before it can be used on the Sales Receipt.
03 Void Items on Sales Receipt
Removing Items on the Sales Order List
03 Weighing Scale Barcode Format
The format should be in 22 numbers with corresponding format
04 How to Generate Items Report
This report can produce a report listing all items sold within a selected timeline. Each item is listed along with total quantity sold with unit cost, selling price, discounts, and profit.
04 How to Generate Sales Report
Sales report is an overview of sales accessed from the Report module.
04 How to Generate X-Reading
Daily Report
04 How to Generate Z-Reading
BIR Report, End of Day Report, Items Report, Cash Count, Return/ Exchange/ Refund/ Cancel OR, Reprint Receipt
How to backup you POS Data
Barcode Support
where you can add all the expenses of your store and get the net total of it.
Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access /kintoz/ on this server
How to access Kintoz POS on another computer
Full Accounting System
Accounting System with Payroll, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables
Hardware Requirements
You can use Computer Desktop, AIO Computer, Laptop and Tablet as long as it fits on the requirements
How to get your Server/ Terminal IP Address?
How to print FAST using your Printer
DOT-MATRIX printer only
How to Re-print Receipt
Receipts are recorded in the Reports module. Search invoice number to re-print.
How to Save Receipt or Report into PDF
Any Receipt or Report has an option to be printed. During this process, when a Print View has been opened, the user has an option to select the device printer.
How to Set Static IP
Static IP Configuration is a necessary setting for server and terminal network connection.
How to settle balance on AR, loan payments
Barcode 8888 is need to register in the inventory list
How to start, stop and restart WAMP services
How to Use Item Checker
Quick search item details, supplier, stock
Job Order Payments
Use barcode 7777 for JOB ORDER Payments and price is set to zero
Kitchen Display
Display all orders in the kitchen and set status
Label Printing
Barcode sticker printing for items
Generate mall report via text file and connected to the mall server.
Online Portal
How to upload Sales in our online portal
Online Support
AnyDesk online remote
Printer Status is OFFLINE
Another way you can get your printer back online.
Printer Troubleshooting
Possible printing error in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Reset Sales & Inventory
POS Reset, Change of Name & Address, Cancellation of BIR Permit
Start WAMP Server
VPN HAMACHI (Virtual Private Network)
Access Your POS Anywhere
WAMP mysql : ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)
How to fix WAMP Services error in the POS Machine
What is a WAMP Server?

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