1. Printer Troubleshooting
    • Possible printing error in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  2. Printer status OFFLINE
  3. Cash Drawer Configuration
    • Automatic opens the Cash Drawer
  4. Barcode/ Label Printer
    • Barcode sticker printing for items
  5. Hamachi VPN
    • Access your POS anywhere
  6. WAMP Server Start Services
    • Site can’t be reach, 500 Internal Server Error, 404 Server Error
  7. Install Customer display using tablet or computer
    • connect via network
  8. How to access Kintoz POS via browser
    • Terminal / Back Office/ Network Access
  9. How to find my computer’s IP address?
    • your computer/ terminal IP Address
    • set Static IP Address by Terminal
    • enable Sales Order module
  10. Online Support
    • Remote Assistance
    • Online Technical Assistance
POS Pheriperals