03 Senior Citizen/PWD Discount
Retail discount must be given as 5% and Restaurant and Kiosk must be given as 20%.

For Restaurant and Kiosk you can choose what discount you will be using whether it will be per PAX or per ITEM option. To do this, go to Settings then Sales Configuration

Per ITEM (Retail and Kiosk)
1. Go to Sales Receipt, click the Quantity in the Order List.
2. Item details will pop out, then look for discount option and choose SC/PWD discount.

Per PAX (Restaurant)
1. Go to Sales Receipt, click PAY choose PAX.
2. Indicate how many PWD or SC.
3. Automatically the POS system will compute for the discount.

PAX discount is given and mandated by the BIR RDO to ensure that all discount is fair to your business.

sample computation

You have 5 PAX 4 regular and 1 senior citizen with an amount of 1000 pesos. 1000 is divided by 5 pax is 200 pesos each. 200 with 1 senior will apply the SC discount only.