03 CASH COUNT EOD (End Of Day)
Cash Count/Denomination is done after sales or at the end of the cashier's shift.

A Cashier type account must be logged in. From the Home Page, go to Cash Count EOD

1. Enter no. of Cash according to bill.

2. Please include CASH IN amount to bill.

3. Click the "Submit" button when done.

4. A message will pop up on the screen for confirmation. Once submitted, records cannot be changed.

The supervisor or admin can access Cash Count submissions through the Sales Report module.

Go to SalesReport > X Reading or Z Reading. Select Date then Cash Count.

For Cash Counts, what does “Over” and “Short” mean:
If the cash count is “Over”, there may be cases of sales with no change or no receipt transactions. If the count is “Short”, there can be instances of wrong change given, incorrect count, or wrong input of mode of payment.

Cash Count Module
• When the cashier has already submitted the Cash Denomination per terminal, the cashier cannot transact using the Sales Order from that Date.
• This module is also called the End of Day shift per cashier if your operations have more than 2 shifts and the cash count was already submitted by the cashiers. During this, the Sales Order module will be disabled and the system will trigger a notification that the cashier has already ended their shift.
• The sales of the Cashier’s Cash Count can be printed at the end of shift; must be signed by the Authorized representative.
• When the cashier submitted the Cash Denomination, the Supervisor account can check if the Cashier has discrepancies in the sales (if its OVER or SHORT on Cash).
• Part of the End Of Day phase of the cashier.
• Part of the End of Shift operations of the cashier.
• This module is used to record actual cash on hand per POS terminal
• Record and monitor Cash Denomination.
• Ability to end shift periods and close them for specific users.