02 How to Update Quantity
1. Go to Inventory, click for Inventory List

2. Find Items what you want to Edit/Update, click the QOH column.

3. Update qty box will appear.

4. Choose location Warehouse or Store.

5. Edit/Update quantity.

6. Then click Update button.

Aside from count sheets, we also have an option to update inventory stocks when certain circumstances arise. When items need to be increased or deducted due to various reasons, we can use this feature.

You can use the Update Stock function to make corrections to the inventory levels. For example, if some products go missing from your inventory, you can correct the inventory levels here.

To begin updating stock, select the Update Stock option from the Inventory menu through the Inventory button on the Home Page.

LOCATION The STORE/ WAREHOUSE where the product to be adjusted.

QOH The current quantity of the product.

QUANTITY The quantity adjustment for the update stock.

ADJUSTMENT TYPE You may choose the following:

UPT (+/-) Add or Subtract Quantity from Quantity on Hand
DMG (-) Record Damage / Wastage of items, subtracts from Quantity on Hand
RTN (-) Record Return of items, subtracts from Quantity on Hand

SERIAL/LOT NUMBERS You can enter the Serial/ Lot number of the item.

EXPIRY DATE Product Date Expiration if applicable.

REMARKS You may use the Remarks field to make a note of why this adjustment is
being made