03 How to config printer margin size and paper size
1. You must set Custom Margins and adjust the margins in the left side

2. By default you can adjust it by LEFT is 0 inch, TOP is 0 inch, RIGHT is 30 to 40 mm

3. Please use the correct printer paper size example if you are using 76(63.5) x 3276 mm you must select on the settings and in the browser 76(63.5) x 3276 mm

4. Go to Devices and Printer and right click on the printing Preferences under “Advanced” button then Select on the Graphic and Print Quality must be “160 X 144 dots per inch”

5. Select Custom in the Margins then adjust until you reach the desired font size.

You may contact your printer supplier for assistance and troubleshoot

Kintoz POS will not assist in technical support for software and hardware that is NOT PURCHASE from Kintoz POS.

If Client insist there may be a minimal charges.