Online Portal
Before doing this your POS version must be updated
You can view the reports online and consolidate your Store Sales and Expense.

• NO duplicate sales EOD
• You can access 24/7 even your POS is turned off
• This is a hosted server
• Please contact Kintoz POS for account creation, access and setup
• The submission must be after store operation or EOD
• You can access any devices via mobile, tablet or computer browser
• Internet Connection is required

1. Login as System Admin Account ,then go to Settings and choose UPLOAD DATA

2. Generate date and SEND NOW

3. Go to to check the reports and log in your account

4. Select of detailed report per store. Simply click on the Store icon on the right side of the menu bar beside of your name

5. For the Account Creation we need the following
a. Full name of the user
b. Email Address
c. Remote Anydesk ID for the POS setup