03 Cashier Behaviour/Duties
Before Sales Start

1. Tables and register are tidy and neat, up sale items are sufficient.
2. Stationary inside toolbox such as receipt roll, staple bullet, rubber band, pen and stapler are sufficient.

During Sales

1. Greet customer. Smile and be nice.
2. After scan barcode, check the price tag with POS, ensure both are same price
3. Tell the customer their total purchases and the amount of their bills.
4. Receive the customer's payment. (Cash, card or voucher)
5. For cash payment, count the cash yourself (even if the customer counted it out as they took it from their wallet)
6. Put the money handed to you on the top of your keyboard or other safe part of your register instead of putting it directly into the cash register till right away. This helps when customer try to scam and also prevents confusion of payment different amount of notes.
7. Count the change for the customer when you take it from the cash register.
8. The counted change needed hand to customer together with receipt and tell customer there’s security check upon the exit.
9. Concentrate while counting. Don’t talk or do something else while counting.
10. Don’t interrupt your count. Once you start to count, don’t let anything interrupt you.
11. Card payment: ensure the amounts you key in into credit card EDC are correct. (Read out the numbers from POS and from EDC after key in)
12. Let customer sign on Merchant copy, signature not required if key in PIN number.
13. Duplicate receipt and staple with credit card merchant copy.
14. Merchant copy of credit card slip MUST be keep properly.
15. Greet customer by saying: “Thank you and please come again.”


1. Cash Declaration- Count all the cash denomination by pieces and key into system. Be extra careful, double count.