01 Customer Information
Customer Information

When a customer is already added, you may check the transactions made whether if it's Sales or AR History.

Sales History

This feature is use to check the sales transactions of the customer.
1. Generate dates to filter the sales transaction.
2. You may print the single transaction of the customer. Just click the print button in the OR # of transaction.
3. You may also print the whole sales transaction of the filtered dates. Just click the Print button above the table of transactions.

AR History

This feature is use to monitor the AR transactions of the customer. You may also check here the remaining balance and the paid balance of its AR #.
1. Generate the dates to filter the AR Transaction.
2. Choose from the drop down in AR Order to filter the # of AR transaction.
3. Once generated, you can see the paid and the remaining balance of the customer in its installment/credit item.
4. You can print the receipt of the paid amount by clicking the print button in line of the OR #.
5. To print the whole transaction of the customer in a specific AR #, simply click the print button above the AR transaction table.

You can use also to PAY AR BALANCE such as loan payments and installments.

Sales Favorites

The feature is used to check the most purchased item of the customer.

Load History

Customer can load up their account that is good as cash and can be use in transactions. This feature is used to check the load history of the customer.