Label Printing
You can use any barcode printer for generating barcode stickers. Barcode printer has separate software from Kintoz POS and does not included in the POS package. To set-up the barcode printer,

1. Go to Devices and Printer and right click on the printer properties , Xprinter XP-233B.

2. Click Manage > Printing preferences > Page Setup.

3. Choose User in the Stock Name drop down.

4. Click the Edit button and enter the label size, width: 32mm and length: 25mm. Label size depends on the size of the sticker.

5. Click Apply and OK.

You may contact your printer supplier for assistance and troubleshoot

Kintoz POS will not assist in technical support for software and hardware that is NOT PURCHASE from Kintoz POS.

If Client insist there may be a minimal charges.