03 Using Gift Certificates on Sales
Gift Certificates must first be registered into the POS system before it can be used on the Sales Receipt.
See Help Article on How to Add Gift Certificates.

To use this mode of payment:

1. Once an item is placed on the order list, click on Customer.
2. Enter the Gift Certificate's number or code into the Code field, then click Search.
3. If the GC is still valid or available, click the Add button.
4. A prompt will show to confirm. Click "Ok" to proceed.
- Please note that at this step, the GC will be set to "Claimed" and can no longer be used in a different transaction.
- Once the Gift Certificate is entered as a payment method, this cannot be removed. Claimed status will not revert.
5. If the amount due is fulfilled, the "Complete Sale" button will turn green, allowing the cashier to finalize the transaction.