02 How to ADD and UPDATE Items in Inventory List (Products)
Your Product Information keeps track of what products you buy or sell, its pricing, barcode and other information. you can used the products by, Stockable Products, Non-Stock Products, and Services.

Stockable products will track inventory as per usual and allow you to see the system movements for that item. every time you do a Complete Sales Order it will automatically deduct to the inventory.

Non-Stock indicates a physical product for which you don’t want to track inventory, let’s say packaging materials for instance. Kintoz POS will not track inventory levels for items of this type.

Services are used to indicate service fees and apply additional intangible charges such as labour costs etc. to your orders. Kintoz POS will not track inventory levels for items of this type.

Follow these steps:

1. From the Home Page, click on the Inventory menu.
2. Click on Inventory List.
3. Locate the Add Button.

Encode the following details.

Name The name or item code for this product. No two products or services can have the same Item Name/Code. (Required)
Barcode The barcode for this product. Barcode can be entered in here and used in other parts of the system. You can enter multiple barcodes, separating them with a space. Scanning any of those barcodes will select this product. (Required)
Category The product category in which you put this product. Add New brings up new Category tab which can be named and saved. (Required)
Picture You can add a picture of your product right into the product information. To do this, click the Browse button and then select a picture of the product. The common picture formats supported are JPG, and PNG. Extremely large images are resized down to be smaller. (Optional)
NOT Vatable Selling price of the item without vat.
Vatable Item Vat Value of the Item.
Selling Price Cost of item when put on sale.
Unit Cost Cost of item when purchased.
Standard UOM Selling unit of measure (e.g pcs, grams, bottle, can) (Required)
NON-STOCK Item is stockable or not. if checked it will automatically deducts inventory quantity on sales    

4. Click "ADD" button to save. Item will be added to Inventory List.


1. From the Inventory List, search for the item to be updated. Use Search box for Barcode or Name of the item.
2. Click on the "Barcode " column.
3. Enter desired changes on details then click "UPDATE".

What is NON-STOCK for?
Non-stock is a way of enabling an item to bypass stock quantities, allowing the user to continuously sell the item through Sales Order. By clicking the Non-stock checkbox, you are enabling the sales option of that item even if it does not have its quantity registered in the system.
Thus, this option is recommended for services, item kits, or items with no tangible count.

This module shows the details of the Inventory Item.
Movement History will display all Inventory movement concerning stocks and sale.
Item Logs will display all Activity regarding changes or updates to the Item’s details such as price, barcode.
Item Kits are used to tag two or more items to form packages or bundles.
Add ONS additional order items options on Sales Receipt.
Purchase Orders and Issuance Receipts regarding the item can also be viewed via the P.O. button and ISR button.
Supplier shows all suppliers tagged that can be requested with purchase orders.
QOH Item Serials shows current quantities and item serial numbers.
Sales Report display Sales Report via date filter .

• Take note that the BARCODE HAS NO SPACES
• Remove SINGLE and DOUBLE QUOTE. This may broke the POS Name and search display and other features
• Please make sure that the barcode and name of an item has no special characters to avoid delays on fetching data.
• Limit the Item Name characters