01 Getting Started with Kintoz POS
A web-based Point of Sale POS created for small and large businesses. Intuitive and smart features to develop store sales, loyalty, reports, inventory and more.

Kintoz POS is a retail Point Of Sale system designed to automate and monitor daily sales. This system is also capable of generating various reports to track progress and status of the institution.

Open your Browser

Make sure that WAMPP Server is online

WAMPP Server Settings:

    On your desktop locate the pink icon with W, POS SERVER.exe sign.
    It will open the settings in the taskbar of the computer.
    Left click on the encircled icon.

Click Put Online.

Click on the POS BROWSER.

    To begin, go to http://localhost/kintoz
    Enter a username and password, then click Login.
        Default login
            Username: admin
            Password: admin
        The page will redirect to the system's home screen.

we suggest to changed password the admin and create your own account.