01 Import Data Guidelines
The .csv file type can be generated and modified using Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, or Google Spreadsheets.

When preparing your .csv file, take note of the following:
          - File can be opened/read by Notepad
          - Please make sure that the AMOUNT of the SELLING PRICE/ NUMBER has NO COMMA
          - Remove SINGLE and DOUBLE QUOTE. This may broke the Inventory Item Name and search display and other features

Excel converting value 0503E000 to 5.03E+02 in any cell automatically in CSV?

          Option 1 You must create an Excel workbook and formatting all of the cells as TEXT, and then pasting in the data.
          Option 2 Right click, and click "Format cells..." and choose NUMBER you can stop excel from changing your data to scientific notation then set to NO DECIMALS.
          Option 3 You can copy all correctly formatted numbers into Notepad. Then just create a new column formatted as TEXT, and copy the Notepad representation into the new column.