How to print FAST using your Printer
“Bi-directional” is one of those terms whose usage has become somewhat confused over time, and changes in different contexts. When talking about a printer itself, “bi-directional” may refer to the printer’s ability to print a line in both directions, conserving the movement of the print head.

However, when talking about communicating with a printer, “bi-directional” means that the computer and the printer can “speak” to each other in real time.

How to Set Bi-Directional Printing

Go to Printer Properties
Go to Device Settings tab and set Directional to Bi-Directional
Bi-directional Printing Process

Bi-directional printing, involves printing a line from left-to-right, and then from right-to-left rather than returning to the left to start the next line.

This capability is more efficient for printers whose heads moved down the page line-by-line, such as dot-matrix printers.

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