Start WAMP Server
You can now start the Wamp Server by double clicking on the shortcut Wamp Server icon on your desktop or alternatively launch it from the start menu.

After the Wamp Server starts, you can see the Green icon on the taskbar. Initially it will be Red, then turn amber and then Green. When it turns green, it means all the services are now running. Else, the Wamp Server has not started.

Please note that you will have to give administrative privileges for the Server to start. That is just click Yes when you see UAC confirmation dialog box when you click the Wamp Server icon to start the server.

When you left click on the icon, you can see the options to start, stop and restart the Wamp Server along with other option which

If the WAMP icon turns green, all is good and you can follow the below steps.

Enter the following URL in the browser.

Download WAMP Guide