03 Print to KITCHEN/ BAR
This feature is available only on Restaurant Version
1. Go to Sales Receipt.
2. Select a Table where orders are located.
3. Enter an item to order or simply, select in the menu.
4. items will be added on the table where orders are listed.
5. Click the button KIT or BAR.
6. It will directly print in KIT or BAR printer.

The following steps are the process on how to print to kitchen.
(Note: Class of food item should be on Kitchen/Bar.)
• The printing of order slip is limited into 5 minutes only or else you cannot print the items.
• Just in case you forget to print the order slip, there is a print icon beside of the quantity order.
• Green print icon indicates that it is enlisted to the order slip while Red print icon indicates that the item was already print in the Kitchen or Bar.
• If you want to print again click the print icon to turn into Green Print icon and then print again in KIT/BAR button.