02 Adding and Updating Supplier Information
You can keep track of your Supplier information and their product catalog to make it easier to place orders on them in the future, and also to store contact information.

Much of the Supplier Information is used as defaults when placing a Purchase Order on this Supplier, but it can be changed in the Purchase Order to make an exception for that order.

Changing the Supplier Information will make all subsequent Purchase Orders created for that Supplier default to the new information.

All details regarding suppliers are saved in the Supplier Information page. Here, we can add new Suppliers and tag the items/products they provide.

In this POS, the user can add Supplier profiles to which items can be tagged to. This also allows the use of the Purchase Order feature as well as other filtering options for reports.

To start off:

1. Go to Inventory menu.
2. Choose Supplier. Then click the button ADD NEW.

There the user can enter the following:

    Name: name of company of supplier
    Address: address of supplier
    Contact Person: primary contact name
    Phone Number: contact number of supplier
    Fax: fax number of supplier
    Email Address: email of the supplier
    TIN: TIN number of the supplier

3. Click "SAVE" to add the supplier. User will be redirected to the profile page of the Supplier added.
4. From the Supplier's page, user can add/tag items to the supplier by clicking on the Active items.
5. Populate list according to the Supplier's provided items.

To Update/Edit the Supplier's Information

    - From the supplier list, click the "EDIT" icon below. (Aligned to the record you want to edit).