How to Set Static IP
This is a necessary process for creating a network between your server and terminals.

We will need the IP address of this machine.

To do this:

1. Open your command prompt. You can search this using cmd.
2. With the command prompt open, type ipconfig /all.
3. The details needed are on the results.

Next, there are two ways to open your network settings.

Option 1

1. Open your Control Panel.
2. Click on view network status and tasks.

Option 2

1. Click on your network icon on the task bar.
2. Open network and sharing center.
3. Make sure you have a home network. If you have a different network, click on this and choose Home.
4. Click on local area connection. Then open the local area connection's properties.
5. Click on IP version 4 (IPv4), then click properties.

Here you will see that the addresses are obtained automatically by default. To set them into static, we need the details from the command prompt. First, click on "Use the following address" check box. Then enter the IP address, the subnet mask, and the default gateway.

Do the same for the DNS server address, and click okay. The IP address entered is now static. If this machine is the server, then we can now use its static IP address to connect a terminal or a back office workstation. From a different terminal, we can now access the software using https:/IP-ADDRESS/kintoz. How to Access Kintoz POS via Browser

This method is also used for connecting terminals that serve as a separate display monitor. Please note however that the Sales Order module has limited access for each terminal via Kintoz POS license software.