How to get your Server/ Terminal IP Address?
To connect your terminal to the POS server, you’ll need an IP address. if your computer is connected via a router within your network, your computer gets a private IP address from your router and your router gets the public IP address from your ISP.

If you’re running a Windows machine, you may be able to find the private IP address of your computer by following one of the following two methods.

1. Using DOS command prompt.

Open a DOS command prompt by typing cmd in the Cortana Search Box, or Right-Mouse click on the Start menu and choose “Command Prompt”.

2. If you do not have access to the DOS command prompt, you may use Windows Network and Sharing Center Wizard.

On Windows 7, click Start -> Control Panel, and then “View network status and tasks.

On Windows 10, you may type “Network and Sharing Center” on the Cortana search box.

On a Mac or Linux machine, you may open a Terminal session and enter ifconfig command to find your private IP address.