01 How to Install Customer Display
Customer display panel allows businesses to vividly display orders to the customers, providing complete transparency as well as enhancing the overall customer experience.

- Make Sure your WAMP Server is Online.
- Open your Tablet/Computer Browser to be used for the secondary display
- Then Type in the URL: localhost/kintoz/display

Note: If URL is in localhost enter the following URL: localhost/kintoz/display

How to get your Server/ Terminal IP Address? Link Here http://posphilippines.com/ip-address/

Note: Your Server or Terminal must be set to Static IP Address to make sure that the IP Address will not change every time you shutdown your POS

If you have a dual display POS, you may follow the instructions to view the customer display.
1. Right-click on desktop and click Screen resolution.
2. In Multiple Displays dropdown, choose “Extend these display”.
3. Click Apply and OK.
4. If your default browser for POS is Mozilla Firefox, open the customer display link in either Google Chrome or Opera Mini browser.
Example: 192.168.1./kintoz/display

NOTE: If your POS is standalone, the customer display link should be localhost/kintoz/display.
If you have a POS server, the customer display link should like the example above. Remember that the IP address above is for demo only and the server’s IP address should be used.

1. Pin the tab of the customer display. Right-click on tab and choose “Pin to Tab”.
2. Close the browser and drag the icon to the right side of the screen.
3. The customer display will be viewed in another monitor.